Statement to the Centre for Perioperative Care (CPOC) about the perioperative care workforce from Helen Whately MP, Minister for Care

As part of CPOC’s Green Paper programme, we were delighted to meet with the Minister of State for Care Helen Whately last month. The Minister kindly agreed to reflect on the role that perioperative care can play in building back the future better following the pandemic, and in doing has also thanked the perioperative care workforce for their commitment and dedication. 

The Minister said: 
“As we reflect on this extremely challenging year, I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you who are leading and delivering perioperative care, for the incredible work you have done for your patients and the NHS.  
Health and care workers have worked tirelessly throughout this past year, and I know that many of you in the Centre for Perioperative Care (CPOC) have been helping to treat the sickest Covid-19 patients while also maintaining services for some of the most vulnerable. Many of you have also led innovations, rolled out in record-time, within your local NHS to deliver Covid-secure services.  
As we look increasingly to the future, it’s clear that perioperative care offers solutions to some of our Covid-recovery challenges, from the recovery of planned surgery, to increasing our enhanced care capacity, reducing health inequalities, and empowering patients and our communities to lead healthier lives.  
I look forward to seeing CPOC and the perioperative workforce lead transformational initiatives for the benefit of the millions of patients who undergo surgery every year with the NHS. 
Thank you again for your commitment and dedication.” 

Helen Whately MP, 
Minister of State for Care  
30 April 2021