Patient Information Leaflets

Information for patients on their perioperative journey

Having surgery can be a big moment in our lives. CPOC's partners have produced a wealth of informational resources to help you take an active role in planning and preparing for your operation.

Patient Information Leaflets

You can access a range of patient leaflets on the RCoA website, focusing on:

  • Anaesthesia patient information series
  • Information for children, parents and carers
  • Risks associated with your anaesthetic
  • Anaesthesia: what you need to know
  • Factsheets

Click here to view the RCoA patient leaflets

Living Better patient information leaflets: improving the mental health and wellbeing of people with long term conditions

The leaflets offer advice for patients with long-term conditions on coping with low mood, depression and anxiety.

Click here to access the Living Better patient information leaflets. 

Swimming England has produced information resources for the public, to support swimming as a way to get active.

Included is information on:

  • Diabetes and swimming
  • How swimming improves mental health
  • How swimming can prevent heart disease

Click to access the resources. 

Released by NHS Improvement in 2012, this leaflet offers practical advice on steps to take to help improve your recovery from surgery.

Click here to read the guidance in full.

The following websites offer fantastic resources on how exercise can help in the management of pain and health conditions;

  • 'Moving Medicine' offers key information and practical tips on physical activity for people with Musculoskeletal pain.
  • 'Versus Arthritis' has a wealth of exercise resources that safely target the origin of the pain and allow patients to manage their conditions from home.
  • 'The Chartered Institute of Physiotherapists' provides resources on the importance of a healthy lifestyle in the management of pain at home. A variety of exercises and tools are available for patients to download.

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