RCSEng & CPOC Webinar: Perioperative care for the future of surgery (beyond the pandemic)

Listen to a CPOC panel discussing perioperative care for the future of surgery and CPOC's perioperative care green paper project

The Royal College of Surgeons of England Webinar discussed perioperative care with particular focus on CPOC's new Green paper project that is set to highlight how to achieve excellence in each part of perioperative care to improve surgery for the future.

The panel:

  • Dr David Selwyn, Consultant Anaesthetist, Director, Centre for Perioperative Care
  • Lawrence Mudford, Patient representative
  • Dr Jugdeep Dhesi, Consultant Geriatrician, Deputy Director, CPOC
  • Mrs Scarlett McNally, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, RCSEng Council member, Deputy Director, CPOC
  • Dr Louise Bates, Consultant Anaesthetist, CPOC Fellow