NHS England has now published the People Plan 2020/2021 with 'action for us all.'

The plan covers the following areas;

  • Responding to new challenges and opportunities
  • Looking after our people
  • Belonging in the NHS
  • New ways of working and delivering care
  • Growing for the future
  • Supporting our NHS people for the long term

The plan 'sets out actions to support transformation across the whole NHS. It focuses on how we must all continue to look after each other and foster a culture of inclusion and belonging, as well as action to grow our workforce, train our people, and work together differently to deliver patient care.'

The plan highlights the importance of multi-disciplinary working during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. This crucial recognition of how cross speciality working can improve efficieny, the quality of care and the ability to adapt to patients needs is a push in the right of direction of perioperative care. 

Find out more and read the full report here.


"The NHS’s response so far to COVID-19 has shown how quickly and effectively our people can adapt to meet the needs of patients. Staff working and learning together in new multiprofessional teams was critical in meeting the new challenge. We must build on this, actively designing multi-professional teams around the full range of experience and capabilities of their clinical and non-clinical members, keeping patient and staff safety at the forefront."

NHS People Plan 2020/21