CPOC has revised and launched the National Safety Standards for Invasive Procedures (NatSSIPs 2) this morning. Originally an NHS England publication, CPOC was commissioned to update NatSSIPs ensuring that it is multi-profession and applicable to all four nations.

You can access the full guidance, summary document, infographics and supporting resources here.

NatSSIPs 2 has been designed to reduce misunderstandings or errors and to improve team cohesion and was written by clinicians from multiple professions and specialties, led by the Centre for Perioperative Care.

NatSSIPs 2 re-launches the WHO checklist. It mandates key stop moments when the standard pathway is confirmed and patient-specific details clarified. This improves both patient safety and team-working. This NatSSIPs 2 also newly applies to invasive procedures in interventional radiology and emergency departments, with ‘proportionate counts’ for more ‘minor’ procedures. ‘Standardisation, Harmonisation and Education’ are recommended.