Being correctly prepared for surgery is vitally important, and as patients, we naturally expect hospitals to be on the front foot to support us when surgery is contemplated. But what is our role as patients and public and what can we learn from this Snapshot survey? 

This latest survey indicates that in general, we are getting older when we undergo surgery. We are heavier than is good for us, not just overweight but often obese. We have more medical conditions that we are being treated for, therefore we will enter a surgical procedure at a greater risk from complications. 

At a time when waiting lists numbers are at a record high, this should give us pause for thought to simple lifestyle changes that will benefit us, and help us take advantage of the many health promotion services that are available. And that's especially true should we move from being general public, to becoming patients. 

Please see the report here

Lawrence Mudford 

Patient representative Centre for Perioperative Care