The Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch (HSIB) has published its latest report on the 'selection and insertion of vascular grafts in haemodialysis patients'. Within this report there is a safety observation pertaining to the National Safety Standards for Invasive Procedures' (NatSSIPs). 

Whenever we operate, it's awful when something goes wrong, especially if it might have been preventable. At CPOC, we have written new guidelines "NatSSIPs". This is about standardising how we do things. It works. NatSSIPs was written by a wide clinical group, with patients and human safety experts. it includes an explanation about human factors. This is not just about patient safety, it's also about building a team rapidly. There are clear steps, including how to start the session with a Team brief, how to prepare and check implants and how organisations can embed NatSSIPs. NatSSIPs is realistic about giving confidence to every team-member, even when we have stretched staff, vacancies and temporary staff. We include patients in the checks and value them as central to the team. Please use NatSSIPs - all our resources are free and clear!

Professor Scarlett McNally, Surgeon and Deputy Director of CPOC