Guidance for Preoperative Assessment and Optimisation for Adult Surgery Published


Today guidance on  'Preoperative Assessment and Optimisation for Adult Surgery including consideration of COVID-19 and its implications' has been published. The guideline is being launched at 12pm at the Royal College of Surgeons Webinar 

The guidance is intended to be used by primary care, surgeons, anaesthetists, perioperative teams and preoperative assessment (POA) services. It applies to all patients who are being considered for surgery, or are on a waiting list for surgery in the non-emergency setting, irrespective of the magnitude of procedure or the type of anaesthesia contemplated. Its recommendations will support the care of individual patients, the recovery of elective services, and achieving key goals of the NHS Long Term Plan including reducing health inequalities and preventing serious health deterioration.

To find out more and read the full guidance please find it here