Faculty of Dental Surgery Webinars to improve Hospital Dentistry

The Faculty of Dental Surgery (Eng), one of CPOC's Advisory Group, has launched a series of webinars to focus on improvements in the quality of care for Hospital Dentistry, based on a recent GIRFT report. The first of these looked at Restorative Dentistry with follow-on webinars on Oral Surgery and Paediatric dentistry.

CPOC has produced a short report on the original GIRFT report for Hospital Dentistry to highlight the variation that exists in patient outcomes, but also the exciting opportunities that are available when data sets are collected successfully.

Of the 21 recommendations laid out in this report, one central thread stands out - the variation within and between dental specialities in the ability to identify relevant data to inform outcomes with the aim of improving services. The report highlights changes that need to take place so that a foundational and fundamental levelling of information can be made available throughout hospital dentistry.

Lawrence Mudford
CPOC Patient Representative


GIRFT Hospital Dentistry 2021