EBPOM 2020: Annual London Congress of Perioperative Medicine 27 June-03 July 2020

EBPOM 2020

An incredible 7940 delegates thus far have signed up to attend EBPOM 2020: Virtual Annual London Congress of Perioperative Medicine from the 27 June 2020 till 03 July 2020. The very busy few days requires delegates to follow a pre-recorded agenda to prepare their knowledge and understanding of perioperative medicine for the three days of live panel discussions.

Day 3: Thursday 02 July 2020: Centre for Perioperative Care is a fantastic way to learn all about CPOC and the work of our fantastic CPOC team. With live panel discussions from CPOC Director, David Selwyn, CPOC Deputy Director's Scarlett McNally and Jugdeep Dhesi and much more. 

Session 1: The Perioperative Team- 09:05-10:00

  • Chair: Mike Grocott with Dave Selwyn
  • Panel Discussion with Scarlett McNally, Ramai Santhirapala, Jason Cross, Desirée Chappell

Session 2: Fitness, Function or Frailty- 11:00-12:00

  • Chair: Monty Mythen with Scarlett McNally
  • Panel Discussion with Denny Levett, Jude Partridge, Daniel Conway

CPOC Discussion Forum 12:30-13:30

  • Restoration of surgery: what are the challenges?

Session 3: Enabling Enhanced Recovery- 14:00-15:00

  • Chair: Denny Levett with Jugdeep Dhesi
  • Panel Discussion with PJ Devereaux , Chloe Grimmett, Vicki Morton, Tim Miller

Session 4: The Silent Pandemic of Postoperative Morbidity- 16:00-17:00

  • Chair: Monty Mythen
  • Plenary Lecturer: Guy Ludbrook

There is still time to sign up to attend the virtual event and learn all about perioperative care.

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