CPOC has published the report 'Delivering on Opportunities for Better Health and Perioperative Care in the COVID-19 Era' to highlight how the dramatic change in services amidst the pandemic provides the opportunity to re-design surgical pathways and deliver perioperative care. The importance of an optimised multidisciplinary team in the delivery of efficient and quality care has never been so prevalent.

The report details the following key messages;

  1. Retain critical care and develop Enhanced care as a bridge between ward care and critical care.

  2. Improve efficiency of surgical patient flow. This needs: protected surgical beds and areas, including for children; increased use of day surgery; better team-working and effective perioperative pathways.

  3. Embed shared decision making at the heart of perioperative care. With waiting lists, ensuring every patient is appropriate, motivated, prepared and empowered.

  4. Perioperative care should be a model to promote healthy living and prevention of ill-health.

  5. Effective virtual patient-centred solutions should be developed further.

To find out more on the opportunities please read the full report.