CPOC Endorsement Policy


Endorsement is defined as formal badging with the CPOC logo or brand displayed on or in the final product and the provision of a CPOC statement confirming formal endorsement.

Support denotes the CPOC’s public support of the publication, but the inclusion of a CPOC logo or brand will not be allowed in or on the final product, and there can be no reference to CPOC’s support in or on the document. However, CPOC’s support can be noted in accompanying material or on websites, and CPOC will note its support for the document on its website. 



CPOC will consider endorsement on publications that support CPOC’s strategic aims, following the process below.

For CPOC to endorse a publication, it requires that a named representative chosen by CPOC be involved in the development of the external organisation’s publication from the outset. This is usually via membership of a working party, and the representative must make it known to the external organisation that their role in the development of the publication involves representation of CPOC. CPOC representatives are expected to provide regular progress reports via their assigned CPOC Theme lead using the CPOC template. Reports will normally be received after key meetings and major developments, e.g. the release of a publication draft. CPOC reserves the right to withdraw its representative or decline to endorse a publication. The final publication must be approved by the CPOC Board (depending on timescales this may be via email), and the external organisation requesting endorsement will normally need to allow a minimum of four weeks for consultation, collation of comments and confirmation of endorsement.

CPOC will not endorse publications that have been developed without its involvement. In rare cases in which the document is particularly relevant to perioperative care, the CPOC Board may make an exception. In these circumstances, endorsement may only be granted following a thorough review by two CPOC Board members, one of whom will be familiar with the subject matter area, who will make a recommendation on endorsement to the CPOC Board.

Whenever a document has been endorsed by the CPOC Board, the RCoA Communications Directorate will receive notification of publication before its public launch.



When a publication is developed by an external organisation without CPOC involvement but has relevance to the vision and strategic aims of CPOC, the CPOC Board may choose to support but not endorse it. Support will be granted after a thorough review by two CPOC Board members, one of whom will have expertise in the subject matter area, who will make a recommendation on support to the CPOC Board.


Contact us to discuss things further:

Email: cpoc@rcoa.ac.uk

Phone: 020 7092 1678 

Submit a CPOC Endorsement Request 

The Centre for Perioperative Care (CPOC) offers different levels of engagement and is keen to get involved in all types of perioperative projects. All requests for co-authorship, partnership, support or endorsement require you to fill out an application form. We regret we are unable to consider requests without this attachment.