CPOC and AoMRC Launch SDM Animation for Patients

Today CPOC and the AoMRC have launched a Shared Decision Making animation for patients. The animation uses an example of 'peter' to illustrate what SDM is, how is should be carried out effectively, what patients should consider and the thread of patient choice that should run through any patients care.

Dr Ramai Santhirapala, CPOC SDM Workstream lead said:

"We are pleased to launch a joint venture between the Centre of Perioperative Care and Academy of Medical Royal Colleges. This animation promotes involving patients in healthcare choices through shared decision making. Whilst the context is perioperative care, the process and lessons are applicable to the wider healthcare remit. We hope you find it useful whether you are a patient or a healthcare professional.  Follow Peter on his journey to decide what’s best for him. 

I wanted to personally thank the entire team who have worked on this animation during an unprecedented time."

Find out more and watch the new animation here