C4PC Partner The Health Creation Alliance have published literature reviews on social prescribing, personalised care – and community strengthening. They were written by Dr Brian Fisher MBE who is a member of the C4PC Health Equity working group. Please see below for the introduction to the reviews and links to read in full.

“In Control Partnerships on behalf of the Leadership for Personalised Care programme commissioned The Health Creation Alliance to explore the literature on personalised care in general, on social prescribing, and on community strengthening approaches, which support the personalised care agenda.

This part explores current knowledge about community-strengthening approaches which involve building on community capacities to take action together on health and the social determinants of health. It includes community development, asset-based approaches, social action and social network approaches.

Community strengthening approaches enable communities to set their agenda, raising issues that matter to them and working with other sectors, statutory or otherwise, to respond to those issues.

This review also outlines key issues of power and control, the impact of deprivation on community-strengthening, features of good practice, cost-benefit analyses, examples of where these approaches have not had their intended impact and a list of definitions. It builds on a previous literature review completed in 2015.”

Read both the reviews here:

Community strengthening 

Social prescribing and personalised care