AoMRC Blog: Exercise – still a miracle cure but in need of a different approach

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CPOC Deputy Director Mrs Scarlett McNally has published a blog for the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges on 'Exercise – still a miracle cure but in need of a different approach.' Six years on from the 'Exercise- the Miracle Cure' report published by the AoMRC Scarlett explains how the transformation of the approach towards exercise is needed to ensure it is used as part of treatment in the prevention of post-surgery complications.

CPOC's own evidence review on 'proving the case for perioperative care' demonstrates the dramatic benefits exercise can have on post-surgery complications. In this latest blog Scarlett explains how and why exercise should be emphasised as an effective and important pre-operative intervention. Exercise also has many benefits beyond surgical preparedness and lifestyle changes can reduce the risk of many conditions in the long term. 

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