CPOC was pleased to attend the All-Party Parliamentary Health Group on COVID-19 and surgery represented by Board Vice-Chair Mike Grocott.  The roundtable was set to address the delivery of surgical services during the pandemic and how the backlog  can be tackled to once again provide safe and effective elective surgical care to patients . The roundtable was attended by MPs, Peers and voices from across the health sector to discuss the challenges of surgical activity during the pandemic. 

CPOC raised the important role prehabiltation and patient optimisation should play in the resumption of elective surgery. Ensuring patients are prepared for surgery improves surgical outcomes and reduces length of stay which in turn can free up surgical capacity to help address the backlog.

More information on how and why perioperative care can transform surgical pathways can be found in our Rapid Research Review.

The roundtable produced clear recommendations in response to the discussion that took place to address the mounting crisis within surgical care. 

Read more on the outcome of the roundtable here.