Surveys on Perioperative Care

Surveys on Perioperative Care

On this page you will find links to surveys gathering data on perioperative care services. 

Live Perioperative Surveys

SCoOP (Scottish Care of Older People) is a collaboration between the British Geriatrics Society and Health Improvement Scotland (HIS) to evaluate variation and encourage quality improvement, through benchmarking and annual evaluation cycles in care of older people. There has been agreement to collaborate with the Scottish Board of RCoA on a Scottish Standard for Perioperative Care of the Elderly (Elective Surgery).

This survey represents the first step in this process, a scoping exercise of current practice in this area via Scottish POM Leads. The results will be reviewed at a national multidisciplinary meeting involving POM Leads, geriatricians, surgeons and delirium specialist nurses to agree on auditable standards for the benchmarking process.

The Modernising Patient Pathways Programme (MPPP) of the Scottish Government have agreed to provide assistance for this project. This project was presented at the February meeting of the Scottish Board of the RCoA with a positive response from the President of RCoA who was in attendance.

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These surveys have been developed by a range of contributors, not necessarily CPOC. You can see details on who is collecting the data, and what it will be used for, below the link to the survey questions. 

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